At Healthy Eyes for Life we are committed to providing you with the BEST QUALITY eye care in the business.  Our staff will not only give you a thorough exam, but also explain to you why we do what we do and give you the freedom to ask questions.
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See To Learn Program
20% of children entering kindergarten have undetected vision conditions that could hinder their ability to learn.  At Healthy Eyes for Life we offer FREE visual screenings for ALL 3-year-old children!
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Do you suffer from?
  • Itchy or Red/Bloodshot Eyes
  • Watery or Swollen Eyes
  • Runny Nose or Congestion
  • Asthma

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Why Should you get tested?

1.  It is estimated that 60 million American suffer from allergies – and 24 million have ocular allergies!

2.  Allergies interfere with your day-to-day life and can result in loss of productivity, missed work or school, and an overall poor quality of life

3.  Testing with DAF is the key to finding out the cause of your eye irritation and the key to treatment of ocular allergies
NO SHOT Ocular Allergy Testing!